Rentals management

Full management, Zero worries. For more performance and peace of mind!

A complete, professional and personalized service, adapted to your specific needs. For more performance and tranquility. Human relations and transparency are at the heart of our philosophy.


from 5% of the rental

Our prices (WT) include all rental management, only unusual works will be invoiced in addition. These management fees are tax deductible.

“A la Carte” services

You want to manage the rental of your real estate yourself but you need an ad hoc advice or an expert for a specific situation?


from CHF 150

depending on the rooms

The entry and exit inventories are an essential step and must be done carefully to avoid problems.

Appartement PPE

CHF 120

Personalized lease and annexes

Housing or parking lease contract, rental rules and uses.


from CHF 30

Official notification at the conclusion of a new lease

The legislation on tenancy law is cantonal and there are specificities for each region. Make sure you are compliant.


Price upon request

Estimates, photos, visits, announcements, request for a rent increase or decrease …

Everything you need to manage your property.

Pierre d’amour, Amour de pierre

Chez LAFIDU Immobilier, for more flexibility and tranquility!


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